Simplest and quickest ever, I’m sure, Baby’s bib - but don't tell tom!

it's my little nephew tom's  birthday on monday - he'll be one year old (ah) - i've got him this for his birthday (ah)... actually between you and me it was a very last minute - 'oh my, what shall i get for him' moment,  the bib - i'm proud of as a last minute make and thought i would share it with you (here) should you be in the same predicament (the bib only an hour from conception to creation - but don't tell tom!)


  1. Hiya! I just wanted to remark the fact that you actually have built a gorgeous portal. And there is one thing which I wanted to ask you. Do you take into considerations writing in a professional way or having a blog is just a hobby?

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for your lovely comment! To answer your question -
      I suppose I do kind of write 'professionally' as I write my knitting books - but having said that I am always up for anything anyone would offer!



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