small is beautiful

i've decided, i really do love knitting small things - i use my little dpns even on just flat knitting just because i like to have the knitting and its workings contained within the confines of my palms, it makes me feel neat and delicate. socks, gloves and baby doll clothes like the one shown above (soon becoming part of a new collection for knitted baby party wear) do it for me.


  1. That looks so cute!! I can't wait! Love the tiny hanger!!

  2. I liked the hanger that can carry the small dress. Very innovative.I also love to do these small things. Just like to know , will it be possible for you to share a blog button of yours so that i can place it on my blog.

  3. Hi nityakalyani - sounds good - (now to sound naive and stupid - how do I do that?)
    Claire x

  4. Sure Claire - even I was naive in the begining but after browsing the net found it. The following is the link and easy to create.
    How to Add a Blog Button with Text Box Underneath for Code | . Alternately even I have provided the details. Please do visit my blog nityas knits quoin. Hope these are helpful. When we share our blog buttons we come to know weach other better


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