hey teacher!

would you mind leaving the room whilst i show the others how to make you a stress ball for a leaving gift!
gone? ok -

1. knit a ball by following the simple and quick (& free) pattern found here.
2. get your kid to draw a picture of a person's face wrecked with angst (can be a picture of someone you know - i don't think James' resembles me though? I hope! Mmm!?) onto a piece of scrap fabric or felt (the ball i made, which uses aran yarn and 5mm/ US8 needles, measured 2.5inches diameter)
3. cut around the face (use pinking shears if you're using fabric - felt is fine as it doesn't fray)
4. sew the face to the ball taking care not to pierce the bag inside which contains whatever you like  to stuff it - i remember reading somewhere that cornflower was good for juggling balls so that's what i used.
... and that's it - one squishy superbly suitable stress ball (our teacher at the moment will have James again next year so he will use this for sure!)

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