EGG - One of my favourite words... that and Lemon, for whatever reason, I don't know!
Anyhow, here's a eggstremely (I know, eggs are rather victim to the pun so I make no apologies!) easy stash-busting make... so let's CRACK ON (yay!) - PATTERN BELOW THE PIC
FINISHED SIZE Similar to a hen’s egg!   
YARN    Small amount of any dk or sport yarn (or 4-ply, aran or chunky) depends how
     small or large you’d like your egg to be! I used Quince and Co. and Drops
     Lima from my stash
NEEDLES  For the yarn I used - 3.25mm/ size 3
EXTRAS     Toy filling or scraps fabric, yarn for stuffing

Cast on 4sts
Row 1 inc) Kfb into each stitch - 8sts
Row 2 K
Row 3 inc) [K1, kfb] 4 times - 12sts
Row 4 K
Row 5 inc) [K2, kfb] 4 times - 16sts
Row 6 K
Row 7
inc) [K3, kfb] 4 times - 20sts
Rows 8 - 9 Garter stitch 2 rows.
Row 10 inc) [K4 ,kfb] 4 times - 24sts
Rows 11 - 12 Garter stitch 2 rows
Row 13
inc) [K7 ,kfb] 3 times - 27sts
Row 14 K
Row 15 inc) [K8 ,kfb] 3 times - 30sts
Rows 16 - 17 Garter stitch 2 rows
Row 18 inc) [K4 ,kfb] 6 times - 36sts
Row 19 K
Row 20 dec) [K4, skpo] 6 times - 30sts
Row 21 K
Row 22 dec) [K3, skpo] 6 times - 24sts
Rows 23 - 24 Garter stitch 2 rows
Row 25 dec) [K2, skpo] 6 times - 18sts
Row 26 K
Row 27 dec) [K1, skpo] 6 times - 12sts
Row 28 K
Row 29
dec) K2 tog 6 times - 6sts
Cut the yarn leaving a length that’s long enough to use for the seam, thread the end through the stitches and pull up to gather the stitches together.

This was the easiest way I found it to sew up:
Wrap the egg around the stuffing then sew up the seam - matching the shaping - working mattress seam - you can add a little more stuffing as you near the end of the seaming if it needs it.
Mould the completed egg with your hands to create that perfect egg shape.
Decorate your eggs at will - I simply embroidered on a few straight stitches radiating around some French knots and or some lazy daisy-ish flowers  - SEE SOME PRETTIES ON MY INSTAGRAM @dotpebbles FEED
- but really anything goes... they look lovely plain too!


  1. Hello, thank you for this tutorial! The eggs look great! But I have a question in regards to the needles... I'm new to knitting and started with circular needles.
    For this egg pattern, would I be required to use 4 double pointed needles?
    Thank you again, your work inspires me!

    1. Hi Anna - you could use circulars if you like but you'd need two...


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