coming soon...

a sneak peak of what i'm working on at the moment... and  every stitch. watch this space


  1. Can't wait to see. I live vicariously through your creativity. LOL!

  2. It's true, you're not only creative but you do make addictions! :) Do you have a flickr group or something? I posted pics on my blog today of my darling girl but don't see a place to share......

    1. I've pinned her Tina -
      She's a doll...

  3. So the thing is...a few years ago...more than I care to remember...when I was working in THE SMOKE...having a BAD day... I called into the book shop in the basement of Selfridges on my lunch hour...I came back clutching this little book with lots of knitted dolls (I love you Flo)...all with personality and great quirky style...It lived there on my desk for the rest of my made me smile.
    And now? Well here you are! Hip hip hooray! Love that full circle thing!

    Sarah -x-


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