New for Pixie!

a day wear collection: ziggy-zaggy mustard card, knitted mary janes, tigerish treggings and a lilac dress - all set for spring - available from etsy and ravelry


  1. She is so cute! You know, I made a little crochet cardi for my Pixie earlier this week (I'll be blogging it tomorrow) and my son said "She needs trousers now" - I have some on the needles!

    You know what they say about great minds!!!! :)

  2. Gorgeous! As ever!!

    Kate x

  3. I wish I was as stylish as Pixie.

    I love your blog just finished knitting the tea cosy with the cupcake on top - many thanks for the pattern.

    Sue x

  4. Dear Claire,

    I just wished you let you know I have linked to your blog since purchasing and making one of your beautiful Hare clothes patterns. I will be buying some more patterns in the near future.


  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for all your comments -they make my day... really they do!
      Claire x

  6. Is there a book with all your doll patterns and baby doll patterns in it?


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