Get ahead for Christmas pattern #1 -

Only 17 Fridays to go up until Christmas  - here's the first - pattern here
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Happy Froggy Friday!

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Gotta love a pouf...

This crochet one is cool - made form t shirt yarn which is tough and strong... and like I said - cool - buy it here

What's all this monkey business?

A #freebeefridayknits pattern that's what - homage to the Brazil Olympics 2016 have a Brazilian Spider Monkey on me today - see ravelry Claire Garland/ Dot Pebbles design for details!

... gone fishing

... more fishy juggling fun for the holidays... free pattern here

Fishy fun for the holidays

Flying fish beanbag pattern - free today - pattern here. The perfect boredom buster!

Flying free on a Friday!

#freebeefridayknits for today - take some Cornish bird - these are the ones I sell in my shared Cornish shop Linen And Clay - so they are speedy quick - in shades of Cornishware blue too! Pattern for free here - Ravelry

Socks with tatt - titude!

Why wouldn't you - festivals cry out for these - start now though because they do take a week each one (hence I have only one on offer!!) - the #freebeefridayknit pattern is here -> Ravelry - remember it's free for only a day - so pull up your socks and get to it!

mid-summer magical toadstools and mushrooms...

... Let's have 'em - all those mushroom puns!
Quick, simple - maybe weird? - A must for lovers of all things magic... and fab for... dare-I-say-it... a 'Christmas' decoration!
Just make it fun-gi.. s! - Pattern link here - Ravelry

Bear hugs

we all need them sometime if not all the time! This pattern is free today as part of my #freebeefridayknits on Instagram @dotpebbles - and it's here ---> Ravelry

stash 'n' strawberry bowl...

Today's (and my what a very historic day!) #freebeefridayknits

anyone for strawberries?...

perfect with tennis
- and a little sweet, simple, strawberry FREE pattern...
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Strawberries pattern
I used Scheepjes Catona 25gm balls  in shades of red  and green with 3.25mm/ size 3 needles for mine
Cast on 19sts
*Row 1 RS) K3, turn
Row 2 WS) Slip 1 knit-wise, k2
Row 3 K9, turn
Row 4 Slip 1 knit-wise, k8
Row 5 K15, turn
Row 6 Slip 1 knit-wise, k14
Row 7 K12, turn
Row 8 Slip 1 knit-wise, k11
Row 9 K6, turn
Row 10 Slip 1 knit-wise, k5
Rows 11 - 12 Garter stitch 2 rows**
Rep last 12 rows from * to ** 3 times.
To join the cast on edge with live stitches on the needle you are now going to knit them together as you cast (bind) off, as follows:
Have cast on edge adjacent to the live stitches
*Tip of needle into the first 'live' stitch (as if to knit) then needle into first cast on stitch nearest to that (knit-wise), pull yarn through both stitches and onto the needle in the right hand*,  repeat from * to *  - 2 stitches are now on the needle in the right hand - cast off (first stitch over the second and off the needle), repeat so to knit the live stitch with cast on stitch and then cast off all along the row/ cast on edge to the tip of the strawberry. Fasten off.
Turn the strawberry right way out.
Stuff  then work a running stitch around the open edge at top of the strawberry, pull up to gather and close the top. Weave in the end.
Stamen - with green yarn work a ten spoke star shape across the top of the strawberry, work over the star again so that each spoke is two strands thick, weave the end into the middle of the star pull it through to RS and snip it for the stalk.
Work little short dashes with yellow/ ochre embroidery thread or fine yarn for the seeds - if you look at a strawberry the seeds are positioned in four dot diamond-shape symmetry.
And that's it!

Chelsea/ Ascot/ Wimbledon?...

When DON'T you need this hat! - direct link to purchase at just £2!

Midsummer madness...

the #freebeefridayknits pattern I have for you today is homage to the mystery and magic that this time of year promises - it's called Unicorn Moon and I know it's a bit different to the other #freebeefridayknits - I just hope you like it?  - the pattern is here - Ravelrylink