1000 sales on Etsy! 
hoorah, hooray - worth the effort then! 
& to celebrate I have a new baby 
(a knitted one naturally! -   anything else - oh my - don't go there - cute as they are!!!)
This baby is different and designed by request in the way that he/ she is knitted on two needles - 
not in the round as before - and the pattern for he/ she is ready to ship from my shop right now...
right - where's the champers.

Little feathered friend...

tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet - I have a free pattern for you - it's a version of the one from Knit & Purl Pets because I know that a few copies were bought with part of the pattern missing... so here it is


Re..vitalized after just a few half term days and that lil' bit of sun; 
Re..visited and re..kindled - a love of crochet - I'd forgotton how much I love hooking,
this lovely pattern - 'blooming flower cushion' (mine's a bit untidy I know)
from here attic24 love it!

Do you remember Yogi?

a rhetorical question I guess, and I mean the one from the 70's/ 80's not the modern guy - but it's who I thought about when I knitted this chap - it's a free pattern (or here) if you fancy having a go...

you are gold...

I always relish the first day of the year that I want to go out and pick a few daffodils that grow freely down our lane.
Today was that first day.
& I'm happy now - hope you are too...
have a lovely golden weekend and stop and smell the daffies!

happy valentines...


forgotten something? ...

well don't! 
How do you like yours?
// Traditionalist //
sugar, lemon and golden syrup
Lyle's has to be Lyle's!

4 U...

...I know I said 10 - but I've made 2 more because I'd like to send all of you, who left a message, one - as a 'thanks for your lovely words'..  would you  email me your address (re. Badge) so I can get them in the post asap - in time for Thursday hopefully!!!

♥ tiny felty love-y love badges♥

♥ Hello! I've made these love-y dove-y cute things for you... or yours (for you to share) 
♥ - the free pattern is here... or I have 10 made ones to give away and personally send to you, 
 ♥ via the Royal Mail no less (we're very posh here) 
 - with luck - depends how far you live - in time for Valentine's Day on Thursday. 
 ♥ All you have to do is leave a comment below to say Hi - lets me know you are out there! 
♥ ...And if there are more than 10 or you I'll do some kind of draw on Monday. 
♥ Good luck lovies 

one dotty dress...

to fit three dot dollies... Lou-lou Harebelle, Appley Peach and to Pompodoms-buy-ready-made-dolls...
Free dress pattern ♥ here... 

big head

I've made a bigger horse head trophy and started a Ravelry group called Talking knitted heads relating to this and these trophies - I'm crazy for them... come join in the passion...
am I going mad?

white rabbits! last! Am I so very glad to see you February and the promise of spring, 
it's a bit warmer today too... hoorah hooray .. 
sad to say perhaps but glad to see the back of January - 
what a long month - did you think so too?
P.S If you like the rabbit trophy the pattern is here
& here... see you...