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These two beauties were made by Melissa - aren't they fab!

PIXIE EVENT Special 25% off

THIS Pixie Doll Pattern from Etsy (click this link)
The pattern retails normally for $5.60 (£3.68) but for this week only, from today - Friday 17th to Friday 24th, the pattern is available from Etsy at just $4.20 (£2.83) - a savvy saving of 25%!!!
... to celebrate - er, well - it being Friday again?
... Why not! :)

I'm so chuffed

with my new old needles - got them today from ebay...

F for...

flower; flor; fleur; florem; fiore
.. and fun-knitting!
... and Friday of course!
Have a great weekend!

Brittany in colour...

stunned by the colours of this lovely place...
a visual (& culinary!) delight!

hooray... for May! yay

...still knitting away at my letters... but still time to say a quick hi!
& have a wonderful May 'cos May is wonderful!!