Fishy fun for the holidays

Flying fish beanbag pattern - free today - pattern here. The perfect boredom buster!

Flying free on a Friday!

#freebeefridayknits for today - take some Cornish bird - these are the ones I sell in my shared Cornish shop Linen And Clay - so they are speedy quick - in shades of Cornishware blue too! Pattern for free here - Ravelry

Socks with tatt - titude!

Why wouldn't you - festivals cry out for these - start now though because they do take a week each one (hence I have only one on offer!!) - the #freebeefridayknit pattern is here -> Ravelry - remember it's free for only a day - so pull up your socks and get to it!

mid-summer magical toadstools and mushrooms...

... Let's have 'em - all those mushroom puns!
Quick, simple - maybe weird? - A must for lovers of all things magic... and fab for... dare-I-say-it... a 'Christmas' decoration!
Just make it fun-gi.. s! - Pattern link here - Ravelry

Bear hugs

we all need them sometime if not all the time! This pattern is free today as part of my #freebeefridayknits on Instagram @dotpebbles - and it's here ---> Ravelry