and a couple of wee stitches in the right places...

a perfect hunt the bunny, bunny...
i'm strapping some money to mine for the children
to hunt the bunny with the money!!
Have a lovely Easter!

a wash and spin

... in the washing machine turned a march hare into a cute fluffy bunny -ta-da!

carrots! for whom?

and another thing re. Easter Bunny - if we leave carrots out for Santa's reindeer...

Easter bunny factory

whether he exists or not here are some you can make for yourself for fun... hunny bunny!!
from left to right - grey bunny from here... free egg cosy pattern from here... hare badge from here... bunny trophy from here... free bunny badge pattern from here... cute white rabbit freebee pattern from here... bun adapted from a pattern from here... baby bunting from here... Ernest and Lou Lou from here... felty bunnies from here... tea cosy pattern from here... baby bunny adapted from a pattern from here... &... bunny slippers - here...  Phew!

Spring - when will you come...

Oh I know it's not properly Spring yet - 
in fact it feels like it will never come at all - so-oo cold again!
Never mind here's a spring-ish picture 
- a hand drawn card from my son 
& a wee posy from my daughter... 
soon Spring, soon!


Off to sunny CA USA today!
Some dolls have all the luck!
& Happy International Womens' Day to all you gals and dolls
P.S  There are still 4 more for sale

or perhaps this make mother's day make...

Spiky the hedgehog (oh, i'm so sorry about the corny name!) ... but he is a pincushion! and he's right here as a free pattern... sorry for the rushed post but I'm madly busy today - I have to make 78 ...'things' - more on that when I can! : )

nice little bit of crocheting for a change...

I've a free pattern here for something new from me - and for a mum's day gift for you to make... these are quite quick & really quite nice to do as a change and you could make them as personal as you like - maybe even with photographs pinned on - or a special brooch - all you need is a wooden hoop, some spare yarn a hook and a little imagination


It's March...
let's have a good one, 
after all it's nearly spring.
Here's a (very) quick knit...
a march hare brooch
p.s all my Welsh friends!
"Dydd gŵyl Dewi Sant hapus!"