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another tea cozy! told you i loved them...

‘I love you cup-cake’ cozy

Tea cozy – 1 or 2 x 50g balls chunky (bulky) yarn  (60 metres/ 66 yards)
 - I used Debbie Bliss Donegal luxury tweed Chunky shade 9307
Cup-cake – DK (light-worsted weight) yarn  - 2 different colours in small amounts for cake (C), icing (I) and a small amount 4-ply for the cherry (Ch) and the hearts (H)
- I used Rowan Pure wool DK shade o14 Hay (C), Rowan Soft Baby shade 033 Sea Pink (I) and a tiny amount of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift (4-ply) shade 525 Crimson (Ch) and shade 188 Sherbet (H)

Tea cozy - set size 5mm (US 8) double pointed needles
Cup-cake – set size 3mm (US 2) double pointed needles

Tea cozy – 21 rows and 14 sts to 4in (10cm), using MC and size 8 (5mm) needles and rib pattern
Cup-cake – not necessary

Tea cozy pattern
Using tea cozy yarn cast on 64 sts. Follow pattern from Nesting Tea Cozy Pattern.

Place slip stitch on needle using cake yarn and size 3mm (US 2) needles.
*Row 1 [K1, p1, k1] all into same st. (3 sts)
Row 2 P.
Row 3 [Kfb] 3 times. 6 sts
Row 4 P.
Row 5 [Kfb] 6 times. 12 sts
WS facing, slip 12 sts p-wise and divide equally over 3 needles.
With RS facing, keeping gauge fairly tight on first rnd, work in the rnd as follows:
Rnd 6 (RS) K12.
Rnd 7 [Kfb, k1] 6 times. 18 sts. Place marker.
Rnd 8 K.
Rnd 9 [Kfb, k1] 9 times. 27 sts
Rnd 10 K.
Rnd 11 [Kfb, k2] 9 times. 36 sts
Rnd 12 K36.**
Place marker, rep last once more.
Shape sides
Rnd 14 [k1, p1] 18 times.
Rep last rnd 10 times more.
Bind off in rib. Weave in ends.

Icing top
Using icing yarn and size 3mm (US 2) needles, cast on 1 st.
Work as cake base from * to **.
Rnd 13 K36.
Rep last rnd once more.
Bind off. The WS of this is also the right side.

Flip the cake inside out – the WS will now be the right side. Stuff the cake with spare yarn or toy filling. Tuck the icing into the open end of the cake – a bit tricky this bit – sew the icing onto the cake (use yarn or sewing thread, whichever is easiest).

Cast on 6 sts using cherry yarn and size 3mm (US 2) needles.
Row 1 [Kfb] 6 times. 12 sts
WS facing, slip 12 sts p-wise and divide equally over 3 needles.
With RS facing, keeping gauge fairly tight on first rnd, work in the rnd as follows:
Rnd 2 K12.
Rnd 3 [K1, Kfb] 6 times. 18 sts
Rnd 4 K18.
Rep last rnd twice more.
Rnd 7 [K1, k2 tog] 6 times. 12 sts
Rnd 8 K12.
Rnd 9 [K2 tog] 6 times. 6 sts. Stuff the cherry with spare yarn, cut working yarn and thread end through rem 6 sts, pull up and secure.
Sew the cherry to the top of the cake. Then sew the cake to the top of the cozy.

Place slip stitch on needle using heart yarn and size 3mm (US 2) needles.
Row 1 (inc) [K1, p1, k1] all into same st. (3 sts)
Row 2 (inc) [Kfb] 3 times. 6 sts. Slide sts to other end of needle without turning. Keeping gauge tight, pull working yarn across the back as i-cord.
Rnd 3 (inc) [Kfb] 6 times. 12 sts
Knitting each set of 4 sts over 3 needles, with RS facing work in the rnd as follows:
Rnd 4 K12.
Rnd 5 (inc) [K5, Kfb] twice. 14 sts
Rnd 6 (inc) [K6, Kfb] twice. 16 sts
Rnd 7 (inc) [K7, Kfb] twice. 18 sts
Cont to increase 2 sts on each rnd as set over next three rnds. 24 sts
Rnd 11 (dec) K6, turn, p5, p2tog, p5, turn. 11 sts. Continue on this side of the bump at the top of the heart as follows:
Row 12 (dec) k2tog, k7, k2tog. 9 sts
Row 13 P3, skpo, p4. 8 sts
Row 14 K2tog, k4, k2tog. 6 sts
Bind off p-wise.
RS facing, rejoin yarn to 12 sts from other side of bump.
Rnd 11 (dec) K5, k2tog, k5. 11 sts
Row 12 (dec) P2tog, p7, p2tog. 9 sts
Row 13 K3, skpo, k4. 8 sts
Row 14 P2tog, p4, p2tog. 6 sts
Bind off.
Join around each bump to join the heart, tucking in a little spare yarn to pad it out a bit as you sew.


  1. This is beautiful! I can't wait to make it.

  2. What an adorable tea cozy. Thanks for sharing the pattern, too.

  3. Thanks for your comments - have fun making it!
    Claire x

  4. Hello i love the pattern and am going to try so thanks for that ,im confused as recently newish to knitting what did you mean by nesting tea cosy pattern .I have looked but cant see it ,can you help me please regards fairy.

  5. Hi - it's the pattern beneath this one, so if you scroll down you'll see the picture - underneath that is the basic pattern for the tea cozy.

    Warmest wishes

  6. fab tea cosy

  7. I really like this tea cosy, can you tell me where I could get a pattern for a tea cosy that looks like a cup cake?

  8. Where can I find more tea cosy 's pls Love this one

  9. I have more tea cosy patterns here - http://www.ravelry.com/designers/claire-garland
    thanks for your lovely comment! x


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