Oh dear, oh dear! It's february...

gosh - not a great start to my blogging year - here is my make of the month for january! well i started it yesterday, does that count?  so - inspired by the sudden trill of birdsong which must mean spring is on its way - here is my nesting tea cozy pattern - i've never knitted a tea cozy before and i've suddenly realized how much i love them, i'm going to do another one, i have to,  what better thing to make - something cozy and warm for something that keeps you feeling cozy and warm - a nice cuppa!

Nesting-time tea cozy pattern

Tea cozy – 2 x 50g ball chunky (bulky) yarn  (60 metres/ 66 yards)
Bird – 4-ply (fingering weight) yarn  - 3 different colours in small amounts for beak (B), head (H) and main body (MB)
from my stash for the beak
Nest  - small amount chunky (bulky) wool yarn
- I used Berroco Peruvia Quick shade 9119 Mostaza and 9114 Chipotle plus a lovely green from my stash

Tea cozy - set size 5mm (US 8) double pointed needles
Bird – set size 2mm (US 2) double pointed needles

Tiny beads or toy eyes for bird’s eyes

Tea cozy22 rows and 14 sts to 4in (10cm), using MC and size 5mm (US 8) needles and rib pattern
Bird – tension for this project is not necessary as there is no limit to its size

Tea cozy pattern
Using yarn MC cast on 64 sts.
Slip 64sts p-wise and divide over three needles as follow: N1-21sts, n2-22sts, n3-21sts
With RS facing, keeping gauge fairly tight on first rnd, work in the rnd as follows:
Rnd 1 K64.
Rnd 2 [K3, p1] 16 times.
Rep last rnd 6 times more.
Divide for spout and handle
Rnd 9 (dec) Bind off 1 st, k1, p1, [k3, p1] five times, k3, bind off 10 sts in k3/p1 rib, k1, p1, [k3, p1] 6 times. 53 sts. Turn.
Work one side
Row 10 (WS) (dec) Bind off 1 st, p2, k1, [p3, k1] 5 times, p2. 26 sts.
Leave the other 26 sts on the needles.
Row 11 (RS) K2, [p1, K3] 6 times.
Row 12 (WS) [P3, k1] 6 times, p2.
Rep last 2 rows 4 times more. Cut yarn.
Work other side
WS facing, rejoin yarn to 26 sts from the other side, [p3, k1] 6 times, p2.
Row 10 (RS) K2, [p1, K3] 6 times.
Row 11 (WS) [P3, k1] 6 times, p2.
Rep last 2 rows 4 times more.
Join both sides
Row 21 (inc) K2, [p1, K3] 6 times, cast on 6 sts using Backward Loop method (instructions, if you need them, are at the end of the pattern), from other side of the cozy continue as follows: k2, [p1, k3] 6 times, backward loop cast on 2 sts, place marker, join in the rnd, cont as follows: 60 sts
Rnd 22 K2, [p1, k3] 14 times, p1, k1. Pull sts tightly as you knit across the junctions to avoid gaps.
Rep last rnd six times more.
Shape top
Rnd 29 (dec) K2tog, [p1, k1, k2tog] 14 times, p1, k1. 45 sts
Rnd 30 K1, [p1, k2] 14 times, p1, k1.
Rnd 31 (dec) Sl1, [p1, k2tog] 14 times, p1, k last stitch and slipped stitch from beg of rnd together. 30 sts
Rnd 32 [P1, k1] 15 times.
Rnd 33 (dec) [k2tog, p2tog] 15 times. 15 sts
Rnd 34 [K1, p1] 7 times, k1.
Cut yarn, thread end through all 15 sts, pull up tight to close up the hole and secure the end.
Weave in all loose ends.

Backward Loop Cast On - Hold the working yarn in your left hand with the needle in your right. Extend your left index finger parallel to the yarn, dip your finger under the yarn and towards you. Move the tip of the needle from the base of your finger so that the needle is through the loop with your finger. Remove your finger then tighten the loop on the needle.

Using yarn B, cast on 1 st.
Row 1 Knit into front and back of slip knot. 2 sts
Row 2 [Purl into front then knit into back of st] twice. (4 sts)
Row 3 Kfb, k2, kfb. 6 sts
Row 4 P.
Change to yarn H.
Row 5 Kfb, k2, kfb. 8 sts.
WS facing, slip 8sts p-wise and divide over three needles as follow: N1-3sts, n2-2sts, n3-3sts
RS facing, keeping gauge fairly tight on first rnd, work in the rnd as follows:
Rnd 6 Kfb, k6, kfb. 10 sts
Rnd 7 Kfb, k8, kfb. 12 sts
Rnd 8 K.
Rnd 9 Kfb, k10, kfb. 14 sts
Work st st (each rnd k) for 2 rows.
Rnd 12 K14, turn to shape back of head.
Rnd 13 P14.
Rnd 14 K14.
Change to yarn MB, cont in rnd as follows:
Rnd 15 K7, m1, k7. 15 sts
Rnd 16 K.
Shape body
Rnd 17 [K3, m1] 4 times, k2, kfb. (20 sts)
Rnd 18 K.
Rnd 19 [K5, m1] 3 times, k4, kfb. (24 sts)
Rnd 20 K.
Rnd 21 [K6, m1) 3 times, k5, kfb. (28 sts)
Rnd 22 K.
Rnd 23 [K7, m1] 3 times, k6, kfb. (32 sts)
Rnd 24 K.
Rnd 25 [K8, m1] 3 times, k7, kfb. (36 sts)
Work st st for 5 rows.
Rnd 31 [K2 tog, k15] twice, k2 tog. (33 sts)
Rnd 32 K2 tog, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog. (31 sts)
Rnd 33 K2 tog, k12, k3 tog, k12, k2 tog. (27 sts)
Rnd 34 K2 tog, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog. (25 sts)
Rnd 35 K2 tog, k9, k3 tog, k9, k2 tog. (21 sts)
Rnd 36 K2 tog, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog. (19 sts)
Rnd 37 K2 tog, k6, k3 tog, k6, k2 tog. (15 sts)
Rnd 38 K2 tog, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog. (13 sts)
Rnd 39 K2 tog, k3, k3 tog, k3, k2 tog. (9 sts)
Stuff the bird.
Rnd 40 K2 tog, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog. (7 sts) Turn.
Row 41 [p1, k1] 3 times, p1.
Row 42 [k1, p1] 3 times, k1.
Rep last 2 rows 4 times more.
Cast off in rib.
Sew on the beads, or snap on the toy eyes, and sew up the beak and beginning of the head.

Cut a single length of yarn to tie around the middle of the simple pompom and place it next to you - you will need this in a moment. Wind the yarn for the nest around your fingers, all four fingers at once. Wind about 10 times if you are using three strands of yarn at once as I did. When you have wound enough yarn, take the single length and slip it between your middle and ring finger and tie it around the bundle. Pull it tight to prevent the bundle from falling apart (for a great way to make tiny pompoms go to this link!) Cut the yarn along the sides – watch your fingers!
Sew the raggy pompom onto the top of the tea cozy, then sew the bird on the top of the nest.


  1. What is the width of the teapot for this pattern? I'm looking at doing a cozy for a tiny teapot, about 4 inch diameter not including the spout. Thanks :) it's so cute!

    1. hi there - it's designed for a six pot tea pot - 18inches/ 46cm - but try using smaller (say 3mm or 3/14mm needles and a 4-ply yarn or sport weight yarn to give you a smaller cozy...

  2. You must mean 18inch cricumference, I'm measuring the diameter. But my teapot makes like two cups of tea. How many sts would you recommend I start with?
    Thanks for your help, I'm a beginner :)

  3. Thanks so much for this pattern! There are so many complicated ones and I needed one I could knit in one night as a gift. This was perfect! Much appreciated :)


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