instant pictures

i'm really into this instagram thing (caught on a bit late in the day, perhaps, but that's me!)
and it's really just an excuse to take pretty pictures that have a kind of vintage vibe
but it really is quite joyous, inspiring, addictive

and instantly, utterly satisfying

and what on earth else can you do on such a dull old february day?...
to see more of my instant pictures go to here
P.S the clothes are a selection from my new Harebelles (and beaus) due next month...

p.s... don't forget your pancakes...

be inspired by: warm, bright sunshine

streaming in through my windows this sunday (mem: must get them cleaned!)

a reminder of what's to come inspired me to sew this little springish feel shirt,

to match with these fresh green dungarees

for this pattern for march hare coming soon... ah - that's more like it!

pins and needles...

writer's block - i'm thinking what i may have as i'm at the moment devoid of any inspiration, maybe 'half term lethargy' or something like that, i've lots to be getting on with, a list of things and plans i want to make and do, but i've been spending a lot of time sat here, just sat surfing - the children are quite happy to play outside enjoying each others company, which is great, but i - startlingly numb!  a gloomy period of total inactivity! sorry to be so negative but i'm thinking if i write it down and let you know - it may go! But then actions speak louder than words - sometimes...
and thanks for lending me your ear!

happy day today

even though it's a cold white cloud day outside (dull - in other words) it's not in here - here are my precious gifts from my family... hope you have a lovely & warm day too.

...have a 'lurv' weekend...

my friends!

.. free to download from ravelry now too...

Hold on my heart ♡

a little handmade goodness for valentines, here is the pattern:
yarn any DK or aran weight yarn with 100% wool content - this is important because anything other than 100% wool content simply won’t felt (avoid Superwash yarns too!).
needles set 3, 3.5mm (US 4) double pointed needles (dpns)
notions buttons or beads for eyes

*Using 3.5mm (US 4) dpns, cast on 8 stitches.
Row 1: Hold needle with stitches in left hand (LH).
Row 2: Hold two empty dpns parallel in right hand... more... 

be inspired by: birds!

♥ ♥ ♥ these darling little creatures of happy notes... who sing and chirp and tweet
so they've inspired me to make these felted birds today as part of a new tea cosy design i'm working on which i think should be called 'homage to birds'! dear of them they brighten my day! ... and they eat the bad bugs and aphids!


white ones and many coloured ones too - here's a free almost-spring pattern (or download pdf here) - happy 1st feb!♥... btw - i have more pictures here (now it works!!) but alas no followers - be the first!?♥