pins and needles...

writer's block - i'm thinking what i may have as i'm at the moment devoid of any inspiration, maybe 'half term lethargy' or something like that, i've lots to be getting on with, a list of things and plans i want to make and do, but i've been spending a lot of time sat here, just sat surfing - the children are quite happy to play outside enjoying each others company, which is great, but i - startlingly numb!  a gloomy period of total inactivity! sorry to be so negative but i'm thinking if i write it down and let you know - it may go! But then actions speak louder than words - sometimes...
and thanks for lending me your ear!


  1. Maybe it is half term and the loss of routine. I am sure your creativity with needle and key pad will soon return.... it had better, I for one am missing it already!

  2. Aw - thank you & bless you Jane x

  3. It's that funny time of the year! Can't be bothered time! Gloomy weather! We all need some sunshine and lighter evenings! Won't be long and the clocks and weather will change!
    Hold on in there, the creative juices will be flowing I'm sure.
    Best wishes
    Jane Davies

  4. Thanks Jane! Roll on Spring...


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