… & finally - for this year…

… keep toasty warm with these seasonally cosy don't stop-me-knitting-whatever-toasty-mitts to make over the Christmas holidays - my gift to you (free pattern here).

and this!

Freebee - horsey pen topper stocking stuffer!
Pick up the pattern here  or Ravelry… whoa!!

& these -

Free figgy pud pattern here
… I added a brooch pin to the back of mine to add a bit of festive frivolity to my tank top!…
Ho ho yes!

but you've still got time to knit these…

feeling a little starry?
- Free pattern for 'Oohs & Ahh's Diaphanous Stars righty here… or in Ravelry

time's running out…

 for delivery in time for Christmas for this ready made Pixie doll

sold out…

but will make some more for next year…
Goodbye Clara!
See you Coco!

Pixie -

a new version - knitted as a flat pattern with a few new details…
Available from Ravelry, Etsy, or from me direct @£3.50

best friends…

New news

…for Pixie - her latest - for Christmas.
The pattern is available from Etsy, Ravelry or direct from me - just click here and you'll go straight to Paypal…
                "Go on and have yourself a merry little knitmas now…"


Minnie-moo - flying off to America today - no wonder she's jumping for joy!
That said may I mention last post dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery from UK for my ready-mades-
Far East, Japan and New Zealand - today (still time but only just!); Australia - tomorrow; South America 7th; Eastern Europe 9th; USA Friday 13th; Western Europe 14th

for sale…

Here is your chance to buy your own unique handmade OOAK Pixie.
This Pixie doll and all her clothes and teddy are made very slowly and carefully and entirely by me for you…
… and I loved every minute!
Here are more details - Etsy!
Also the pattern for this doll (knitted as flat this time) and a pattern for her new outfit 'waiting for Santa' which includes the cute bear will be available to purchase as pdf tomorrow…


I'm just putting the finishing touches to a new flat-knitting-pattern Pixie and new 'waiting-for-Santa' outfit with the cutest of bears! - I'm also, for the first-time-ever selling the doll if anyone is interested?
As you can see by my script - I'm doing a lot of dashing!!

knit one purl one - simple as ABC…

My book - soon to be released! Love the cover - thanks to all at DC…


***coming up soon for you and Pixie Moon****

remember, remember…

it's only the 5th November
so you've still time to knit a few of these for pressies
it's a free pattern!
available from Ravely and here

no seam-silver star!

find out more here - or to buy the pattern for £3.00 using any card or Paypal click this - you're-a-star!

starry, starry

perfect girly gift #1 - pattern details tomorrow!

what you can do in one week?

back to halloween for a spell...
and a little spooky jolt
what can you make in a week?

from top - Hooty ol' owl - here; miniature pumpkin - here: frogs 'n' toads - here; eyeballs - here; spook 'em - here; snakes alive! - here!

going around in circles...

you know that feeling?
here's a more fun way perhaps of doing it!
crocheted pebbles rug.... get your pattern 'round about' (ahem!) here... and here...


Ok, ok you've guessed it - I'm some crazy Halloween fan
but this is the last one
I promise
... and it is another freebee!
spook 'em badges cum choker here and here.... and there's some spooky goings on here too
...... Anyway - Christmas makes take centre stage soon!!

Mercy snakes alive!

Another make for you for free here and here!
I'm making lots of these for my Medusa costume!
Oh yessssssss....

Eyeballs out!

What's this?
- Frogs and toads & eyeballs - some kind of witchy goings on perhaps!
Perfect for hunt the eyeball Halloween fun this FREE pattern here... and ravelry

frogs 'n' toads...

perfect little knits for your halloween capers me thinks!
Hop over here to get your pattern... or leap over to here...
... or plop yourself right here to buy now direct from this page...
hop along now...

frog blog!

slippers, slippers, slippers

ballet slippers la-dee-dah

ahem... this NEW pattern - available here comes with prior WARNING!
Wearing them may bring on the need to brisé or jeté or
... well, if you are not a pliable as you used to be...
P.S my teenage daughter adores them...
- so perhaps an early start to your Start Knitting Early for Christmas' plans!


even the name sounds delicious - I've loved styling and stranding my string...


I love the patterns my son creates from his new dominos... random colour order and almost random design

blue skies...

(almost!) endless blue skies this summer have inspired a quick fix painted blue (existing) shelf for my bathroom
I'm happy - something so quick and simple..
... and cheap - I just added a blob of blue acrylic to some white eggshell both of which I had drying out in rusted tube/ tin in the garage - have made such a difference!

naked soles...

I love these barefoot sandals, they look so gorgeous on tanned feet (my daughter's here - not mine sadly!!) - this pattern here (for free) I've adapted from this brilliant pattern and from this facebook feed...

perfumed ladies

how we've loved picking through pretty petals to create floriferous haut couture with a vintage vibe for May's peg dollies... fleeting though they were a most pleasing moment in time!

lovely loved egg

I bought some eggs from a local hen keeper and simply adore the way the date has been written lovingly on each egg - the gentle touch

bonny babies...

... are all the talk at the moment so may I add mine & a special offer to celebrate the royal birth and mark the special date 22nd July - this baby pattern available here and here is marked down 22% and will be available at this price for 22 days - from today Thursday 25th July to Friday 16th August -
will yours be a boy or a girl?


... thousands of metres of yarn,
... extensive clickety clicks of my needles,
... copious man hours later...
I've finished my knitted alphabet x 2 (26 small, 26 medium/ large)
- the book is due out in the autumn so watch this space!
In the meantime - perhaps crochet letters - mmm!

for my Johnnie...

20 years married today!

May - you are the sweetest...

some things just make your heart melt!

"Happy Independence Day!"

...to all my american friends!


vintage wondrousness at Trevoole Farm a real treasure & well worth a visit.
Totally inspiring and creative
- as you can tell I was completely spellbound and in awe when we went to see it on Sunday
- & that was in the rain!

have a happy day dads!


... SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER FOR Pixie pattern from Etsy for only $4.20 (£2.85) - that's a whole 25% off! THE CODE - pixiein2016
These two beauties were made by Melissa - aren't they fab!

PIXIE EVENT Special 25% off

THIS Pixie Doll Pattern from Etsy (click this link)
The pattern retails normally for $5.60 (£3.68) but for this week only, from today - Friday 17th to Friday 24th, the pattern is available from Etsy at just $4.20 (£2.83) - a savvy saving of 25%!!!
... to celebrate - er, well - it being Friday again?
... Why not! :)