Fancy a fig?

We endulged on these fancy figs on our holidays - the ones I can buy here are not as jammy and sweet but still delicious and so beautiful to look at - objet d'art in themselves - I'm totally inspired by them hence this knitted version!

I used 3.75mm (US 5) straight needles with Drops Bomull-Lin yarn in off-white and embroidered with single strands taken from 6 stranded embroidery thread
Beginning at the stalk end
In MC cast on 5sts
Rows 1-3 Beg. with a p row st st 3 rows
Row 4 inc) K1, kfb 3 times, k1 - 8sts
Row 5 P
Row 6 inc) [k2, kfb] twice, k2 - 10sts
Row 7 P
Row 8 inc) [K1, kfb] 5 times - 15sts
Row 9 P
Row 10 inc) kfb 15 times - 30sts
Rows 11-17 Beg. with a p row st st 7 rows
Row 18 dec) [K4, k2 tog] 5 times - 25sts
Row 19 P
Row 20 dec) [K3, k2 tog] 5 times - 20sts
Row 21 P
Row 22 dec) [K2, k2 tog] 5 times - 15sts
Row 23 P
Row 24 dec) [K1, k2 tog] 5 times - 10sts
Row 25 P2 tog across - 5sts
Cut yarn, thread end through rem 5 sts, pull up and secure - mattress sew up seam stuffing at same time.
Work many short stitches in fig colour shades all over the fruit - there is no particular method as long as each stitch is worked in a similar direction - I think of it similar to machine embroidery only by hand!
Note: this makes a round fig - if you want the effect of a cut fig then push in one side as you work embroidery over it

September = fox

... at least it does here - here's your #freebeefridayknits pattern for this merry month - I do love September even though it means back to early mornings... pattern here by the way