September = fox

... at least it does here - here's your #freebeefridayknits pattern for this merry month - I do love September even though it means back to early mornings... pattern here by the way


  1. I bought this lovely pattern on Ravelry and so far I've knitted the head but wanted to check something with you if that's okay. When it comes to sewing the nose, do you fold the top cast on edge in half and stitch it then fold the bottom cast off edge in half and stitch or is it just the top of the nose? The other thing I wanted to ask is how many strands of thread did you use when doing the facial embroidery - it's so neat and adds so much character. I hope you don't mind me asking these questions.

    1. Hi Ann - I got your email regarding the first part of the question - does it make sense now? For the embroidery I used one and very occasionally two strands of two different shades together at a time and just worked random stitches over each other.... I don't mind at all - lovely to hear from you and let me know if I can help anymore? xx

  2. Please ignore the first part of my question in my comment - I was being really stupid:-)


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