crochet made by me…

…for you
- finished gifts coming soon; as soon as I get my head round my new website!

Happy hoppy Easter folks!!

Sorry I've not been blogging mad but I've been working on pieces for my soon to come website shop! - & this bunny will be one of the items I will have for sale

Oh knickers!

fabulously frivolous home-made ones - make this your Easter project - the brilliant knicker kit was from #flojoboutique


YAY - congratulations Amanda! (can you email me you address please)
… and many, many thanks to everyone who left a comment - interestingly letter 'R' was most popular, followed by dear ampersand (my personal fave!)
… and fear not those who didn't win - I have another giveaway competition coming up in the next couple of days with the launch of my new website, so don't go away!

… and the winner is…

soon to be announced - so many brilliant comments to make it fair I'm going to do a lucky dip…

... half an hour to go!

getting all wrapped up and ready to go…

but to whom - you've one day left!
Get your comments in to win
see a few posts below for details…

just a weekend away

from choosing a winner
- therefore two days and a few hours still to enter 
(to win a signed copy and a knitted heart - see below for more details!)