SANTA CLAWS - or - How to turn your Siamese Cat into a Persian Cat...

Hello! - if you have the siamese cat pattern then here's a quick update to turn your Siamese cat pattern Persian - the direct pattern change link is here - if you'd like the Siamese Cat then the pattern can be bought here and here… meow!

Free ROBIN Pattern

As part of my recent {Advent Event} on my Instagram account here is the link - CLICK HERE  - to the pattern to knit this seasonal little feathered fellow for FREE!!                                                                                                   NOTE - for the robin pictured I used different yarns to the ones mentioned in the pattern - basically yarns from my stash:Orange Drops Kid Silk and dark orange Drops Alpaca, Beige Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk and white Drops Sky plus white Kid Silk… And if you'd like the mouse too - the pattern is here - MOUSE IN A SWEATER