Blossom time for Etsy

lotta's little lilac outfit now available from Etsy too...

Pink blossom time

inspired by the blossom that's starting to appear all around... & that springtime feeling - here is lotta's little lilac outfit... available from Ravelry today...  and Etsy tomorrow

Mother's day make - knitty flower brooch

everlasting flowers - your handiwork - just to say 'mum you're so special...'
this brooch pattern is available for free from me (email) or here or ravelry...

And thanks from baby too...

a free pattern from baby too - a biddy baby bear outfit - nice and simple and extremely quick! get the pattern from here, or here or email me and i'll send you the pdf.

Free Dot pattern you - to say thanks...

vintage style coat, corsage and headband... just click on this link or go to ravelry or email me and i'll send you a pdf.

I'm lovin' the country life collection...

now available on my website too - here.

Simplest and quickest ever, I’m sure, Baby’s bib - but don't tell tom!

it's my little nephew tom's  birthday on monday - he'll be one year old (ah) - i've got him this for his birthday (ah)... actually between you and me it was a very last minute - 'oh my, what shall i get for him' moment,  the bib - i'm proud of as a last minute make and thought i would share it with you (here) should you be in the same predicament (the bib only an hour from conception to creation - but don't tell tom!)

I'm lovin' the country life...

the new clothes pattern to knit now available on ravelry - available on my website early next week -  i've added two patterns, one with the doll, (if you haven't already got the doll pattern) and one with just the clothes. have fun knitting!

a new dot outfit coming at the end of the week

also, i've now got the yarn for baby girl clothes, so that soon too xxx

Don't forget!

... the pancakes. happy shrove tuesday everyone!

Dot on Ravelry

just a quick note... appley peach dot pebbles dolly pattern no.1 is now available to buy on ravelry...

Pretty pink soft clogs

i'm working on 'pinkish for girls'... here are her tiny soft clogs