no seam-silver star!

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starry, starry

perfect girly gift #1 - pattern details tomorrow!

what you can do in one week?

back to halloween for a spell...
and a little spooky jolt
what can you make in a week?

from top - Hooty ol' owl - here; miniature pumpkin - here: frogs 'n' toads - here; eyeballs - here; spook 'em - here; snakes alive! - here!

going around in circles...

you know that feeling?
here's a more fun way perhaps of doing it!
crocheted pebbles rug.... get your pattern 'round about' (ahem!) here... and here...


Ok, ok you've guessed it - I'm some crazy Halloween fan
but this is the last one
I promise
... and it is another freebee!
spook 'em badges cum choker here and here.... and there's some spooky goings on here too
...... Anyway - Christmas makes take centre stage soon!!

Mercy snakes alive!

Another make for you for free here and here!
I'm making lots of these for my Medusa costume!
Oh yessssssss....

Eyeballs out!

What's this?
- Frogs and toads & eyeballs - some kind of witchy goings on perhaps!
Perfect for hunt the eyeball Halloween fun this FREE pattern here... and ravelry