I love the patterns my son creates from his new dominos... random colour order and almost random design

blue skies...

(almost!) endless blue skies this summer have inspired a quick fix painted blue (existing) shelf for my bathroom
I'm happy - something so quick and simple..
... and cheap - I just added a blob of blue acrylic to some white eggshell both of which I had drying out in rusted tube/ tin in the garage - have made such a difference!

naked soles...

I love these barefoot sandals, they look so gorgeous on tanned feet (my daughter's here - not mine sadly!!) - this pattern here (for free) I've adapted from this brilliant pattern and from this facebook feed...

perfumed ladies

how we've loved picking through pretty petals to create floriferous haut couture with a vintage vibe for May's peg dollies... fleeting though they were a most pleasing moment in time!

lovely loved egg

I bought some eggs from a local hen keeper and simply adore the way the date has been written lovingly on each egg - the gentle touch