getting there... slowly

as you can see from this tiny peak my new toys are slowly coming together - something a bit different from my usual - i really hope you will like them...

❤ pins - friday

it's a material thing - 1, 2 & 3...

time and times...

i've a couple of projects on the go at the mo - knitting takes up so much time - glorious time i must admit - but leaves no time for blogging sometimes, so for that i apologize... however here's a peak of a free pattern soon to be published at craft sanity - now it's time to carry on knitting...

❤ pins - thursday

pinterest faves... 1,2, 3

Jubilee special

sorry,  sorry... another purse -  i'll make no bones but they are a great time filler whilst completing my bigger projects to come... and i love knitting them... and they use up my stash mountain... and er...well he's here Ravelry... ahem!

utterly adorable

made by Hélène - these pixie's are so super cute and darling , thanks for sharing them Hélène!

little apple

yet another purse pattern - 'fun, quick time fillers that use up your stash', that's my excuse for making them anyway! Get it here - ravelry, or here - etsy and have a jolly good weekend one & all! 
...p.s there are a few more pics - different angles that sort of thing (ok, i'm a bit snap happy i admit it) here -

meet pursey the fish purse

a quickie and simple pattern and a great gift idea, i don't know about you but we have a rash of birthdays coming up in may! fishie purse pattern available from here (ravelry)...

hello May!

happy may day... may blossom not quite out yet but in bud and ready to bloom - my favourite time of year