Jubilee special

sorry,  sorry... another purse -  i'll make no bones but they are a great time filler whilst completing my bigger projects to come... and i love knitting them... and they use up my stash mountain... and er...well he's here Ravelry... ahem!


  1. Your purses are cute, such a great idea. I haven't used a purse frame before, is there instructions on which size to buy and how to put it together on your pattern?

    1. Hi Jacqui - yes there is - I've given instructions for both sewn in purse frames - http://www.handbag-hardware.co.uk/products/sew-on-purse-frame and glued in purse frames - http://u-handbag.com/item.php?item_id=14&category_id=4 and have used both on different purse designs - in my view the sew in one is more effective for knitted/ crocheted purses, although the glue in ones are a lot speedier...

      Thanks for your comment,


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