Beginner's Bunny - Stage three. The last bit!

Ok - so this is the last part - Beginner's Bunny part three.
In this 15 minute knit-along I'll show you how to knit the body onto the head and finish the body and legs.
I'll teach you the easiest pick up and knit technique and re-visit wrap and turn, increase and decrease stitches and touch upon my finishing methods and how to get the best bunny shape that you'll be happy with.
If you want the free pattern - it's here for the full colour version and here for the text only/ ink saving version

Beginner's Bunny - Stage 2

In this next step of the Beginner's Bunny Knit-along I show you how to sew up the head seams touching upon the importance of shaping.
How to add eyes and which eyes to use. Joining the ears and complete the head.
I also show you how to work 'wrap and turn' short rows.
All this whilst following the Beginner's Bunny pattern - which is here (as full colour) and here (as text only)

Beginner's Bunny - Stage One

This is the first stage of my Beginner's Bunny pattern (click here for text only version) and it's Stage 1 - How-to-Knit.
In this 11 minute film I teach you how to cast on, to knit a row, to purl a row, to increase (KFB), to decrease (K2tog and Skpo) and to how to cast off - all reading to the Beginner's Bunny pattern - what you will end up with is the knitted head before joining together - that part is in Stage 2

Here's Hamster

This is the hamster's head pattern head as I promised - use it with the Beginner's Bunny pattern simply swapping bunny head with hamster head… and a few little changes:
The head and ears have changed - see pattern below.
If you work 4 x forelegs and use two as hind legs instead of the bunny hind legs.
And when you get to the last row of the body - work this instead for hamster's tail:

🌼 This little rainbow bunny is free for you - for ever 🌷

It's a year since I've visited my blog - I don't know why because it's such a great platform to share content and images and links to free patterns - etc. etc.
It's also a lovely place for a chat and it's not as instant - here today, gone tomorrow - as Instagram.
So I'll be here too if you need a bit more convo than the daily murmurings on IG.
Here are the pattern links:
Ravelry and a direct to the pdf is here - full colour and text only