simplest ever advent make...

these little sacks will adorn the branch i've collected tomorrow - i'll show you then, i'm setting it up tonight for the children...

Advent bags: Cut 2 strips 10cm/ 4in x 145cm/ 60½in. I used 2 different types of fabric; felt and cotton for my bags, but anything from your stash will do.
Along the length of one of the strips, on WS, measure and mark spacings measuring 1cm/½in, then 5cm/2in, 1cm/½in, 5cm/2in and so on to the end of the length. This will mark out each individual bag with room in between to cut.
Turn in 1cm/½in to WS along one long edge on both pieces of fabric for the cord ‘channel’. Sew the ‘channel’ in place, 2mm/ 1/8thin up from raw edge.
RS together, join the 2 strips together, sewing along the other long edge allowing for 6mm/ ¼in seam.
Sew along the width at the marked positions from the bottom seam up to the stitching beneath the ‘channel’.
Trim each bag between the 1cm/ ½in spaces. Each bag should measure 5cm/ 2in wide. Turn bags out to RS. Using letter stamps or pen, number each bag 1 to 24.
Trim any loose ends and thread lengths of cord/ lame yarn, (about 30cm/ 12in long), through each channel. Tie the ends of the cord/ yarn to secure the tie. – Fill each one, then find a suitable branch upon which to hang your mini Christmas sacks. Let the countdown begin…

Image of the week #8...

woke up to this lovely scene this morning, simply had to be image of the week... tomorrow - simplest advent bags to make...

New Dot Pebbles collection...

is now on my website...

New dot autumn outfit...

this season's latest hot dot look is inspired by the scottish highlands - purple heather and tartan combined with a festive fresh green. included within the pattern are the following items: bow neck glen sweater, highland kilt, long stockings, tami and snood and tennis pumps. it may take a short while to get this pattern onto my website - these things sometimes do, however the pdf (£2.50) in available now - if you email me i will send you a link with a paypal payment request...

Image of the week #7...

one of my favourite blogs at the mo is by fryd - this link to her online lifestyle magazine, of which i could browse all day (oh... and sometimes do, so that's why i don't get much done sometimes!), this - fryd + design -  links to her wonderful blog from which can this pic and i love this bedroom and that painted cabinet above the bed - it simply fills me with inspiration and the need to get designing/ making whatever i do do - when i'm not browsing of course!

Pretty pink mice stocking filler make...

the little girls at our school gift fair adored these - simple little finger mice. i tucked them inside a sweetie bag because they reminded me of the sugar candy mice i used to find in the toe of my christmas stocking!

Finger mouse

You will only need:
Any DK yarn from your stash (only a small amount needed)
33/4mm (US size 5/ US Canadian 9) double pointed needles
A yarn sewing needle to sew weave in the ends
Black thread for the nose, a scrap of pink felt for the ears and tiny beads for the eyes. Neutral coloured thread for sewing on ears and eyes.

To make:
Cast on 1sts, knit into the front and then the back of that st - called Kfb. (2 sts). Slide 2 sts (as i-cord) to other end of the needle, kfb, k1. (3 sts)
*Slide sts to other end of needle, kfb, k to end**. (4 sts)
Rep from * to ** twice more. (6 sts)
Slip 6 sts evenly onto 3 dpns. Join for working in the rnd.
Rnd 1 K6.
Rnd 2 (inc) [Kfb, k1] 3 times. (9 sts)
Rnd 3 K9.
Rnd 4 (inc) [Kfb, k2] 3 times. (12 sts)
Rnd 5 K12.
Rnd 4 (inc) [Kfb, k5] 3 times. (15 sts)
Rnd 5 K15.
Rep last rnd until the mouse measures (approx.) 7cm/ 2 3/4in from the tip of its nose.
Next rnd (dec) K1, cast off 13 sts.
K1, cont as i-cord on the 2 remaining sts until Tail measures 9cm/ 3 1/2in

Weave in the yarn ends.
Cut a tiny 6mm/ 1/2in diameter (approx.) circle from the felt. Cut the circle in half for each ear. Oversew these to the top of the head. Work stitches over the tip of the nose in black thread. Sew on the beady eyes (or embroider them on if you wish.

Image of the week #6...

i idolise julie arkell's work. as you may know, i adore knitting dolls and animals and have tended to create things as toys yet never as 'art' - in my dreams, if i could achieve the latter with my work i would be really delighted. julie bridges that gap between toy and art and i have always revered her for that.

Bear's tank top make...

i've been busying myself all this week (& dare i say i was very grateful of having something to do - no way would you want to venture outdoors unnecessarily in this weeks weather!) - sewing and knitting bits and things for our school gift fair on tuesday week (16th november st.hilary school, penzance, 7.00pm if you just so happen to be near). some of the items for sale from my little stall will be these small grey woollen bears - the bear pattern i adapted from sew pretty homestyle; their knitted tank top - see pattern below. (by the way, the tank top just so happens to fit dot pebbles dolls rather nicely and also, bizarrely, the medium maeleg rabbit! size could also be adjusted by switching yarn weight and needle sizes)
Here's the pattern -
p.s next friday some sweet, sugary pink knitted finger mice which are currently hiding in a paper sweetie bag! have a lovely weekend, may it be a good sunny one!

Bear’s tank top

You will only need:
Any DK yarn from your stash (only a small amount)
33/4mm (US size 5/ US Canadian 9) double pointed needles
A yarn sewing needle to sew up the shoulder seams.

Finished size
Fits waist (approximately) 20cm (8in), length 8cm (3 3/4in)

To make:
Cast on 36sts
Slip 36 sts evenly onto 3 dpns. Join for working in the rnd. Place marker.
Rnd 1 [K1, p1] 18 times.
Rnd 2 K36.
Rep last rnd 8 times more.
Divide for armholes
Rnd 15 K7, cast off 4 sts, k13, cast off 4 sts, k6 to marker at beg of rnd. Remove marker.
Rnd 16 K7, turn.
Row 17 P14.
On these 14 sts cont in st st for 8 rows, ending with a p row.
Cast off all 14 sts.
Front, divide for ‘v’
RS facing, rejoin yarn to 14 sts from Front. (Dec) K5, skpo, k2 tog, k5. (12 sts)
Right front
Row 17. P6, turn.
Row 18 (dec) K2 tog, k to end. (5 sts)
Row 19 P.
Rep last 2 rows once more. (4 sts)
Cont in st st for 4 rows.
Cast off 4 sts.
Left front
WS facing, rejoin yarn to rem 6 sts. P across.
Row 18 (dec) K to last 2 sts, skpo. (5 sts)
Row 19 P.
Rep last 2 rows once more. (4 sts)
Cont in st st for 4 rows.
Cast off 4 sts.

Join shoulders working mattress seam.
Weave in all the loose ends.

image of the week #5...

is this - a beautiful collection of australian trading cards 'day 149' taken from artist lisa congdon's blog (which, by the way should come with a health warning as it's so addictive)! from 1st january lisa has illustrated every day this year, so far, with collections of everyday objects, unusual objects, drawings and paintings. one collection per day to its end on 31st december. sadly i've only just found the blog, now on 'day 312' 'though still looking forward to the next 53(?) my maths is rubbish - days! thanks lisa

Start making for Christmas this weekend...

here's a free pattern, taken from knit and purl pets, for you to begin your christmas makes. your very own car companion (to keep or give away). she (or he) will sit very calmly and quietly on your dashboard as you drive. this particular greyhound is in fact appley peach's new companion and she is called 'the princess snowdrop'! i'd love to know what you think - of her, not her ridiculous name! do drop me a line - and if you can't gain access to the pdf, i'll email it to you! take care and have a great weekend.

petite pumps

i've just finished making these teeny tiny pumps  - only 6cm long - for the new dot pebbles autumn range which i will post on the website very soon...

a treat from me to me

it's good to treat yourself from time to time, this is what came for me in the post today from donna flower's beautiful shop

Image of the week #4...

okay, halloween over for another year - i don't like the though of 'ticking boxes' but that is what it comes down to sometimes - you know what i'm going to say next... christmas! and thoughts of. that's why 'image of the week' goes to these beautiful fairy lights from cable and cotton  first spotted on april & may's fab blog - thank you jantine! i'm thinking whether it's possible to have a go at knitting something similar?