Pretty pink mice stocking filler make...

the little girls at our school gift fair adored these - simple little finger mice. i tucked them inside a sweetie bag because they reminded me of the sugar candy mice i used to find in the toe of my christmas stocking!

Finger mouse

You will only need:
Any DK yarn from your stash (only a small amount needed)
33/4mm (US size 5/ US Canadian 9) double pointed needles
A yarn sewing needle to sew weave in the ends
Black thread for the nose, a scrap of pink felt for the ears and tiny beads for the eyes. Neutral coloured thread for sewing on ears and eyes.

To make:
Cast on 1sts, knit into the front and then the back of that st - called Kfb. (2 sts). Slide 2 sts (as i-cord) to other end of the needle, kfb, k1. (3 sts)
*Slide sts to other end of needle, kfb, k to end**. (4 sts)
Rep from * to ** twice more. (6 sts)
Slip 6 sts evenly onto 3 dpns. Join for working in the rnd.
Rnd 1 K6.
Rnd 2 (inc) [Kfb, k1] 3 times. (9 sts)
Rnd 3 K9.
Rnd 4 (inc) [Kfb, k2] 3 times. (12 sts)
Rnd 5 K12.
Rnd 4 (inc) [Kfb, k5] 3 times. (15 sts)
Rnd 5 K15.
Rep last rnd until the mouse measures (approx.) 7cm/ 2 3/4in from the tip of its nose.
Next rnd (dec) K1, cast off 13 sts.
K1, cont as i-cord on the 2 remaining sts until Tail measures 9cm/ 3 1/2in

Weave in the yarn ends.
Cut a tiny 6mm/ 1/2in diameter (approx.) circle from the felt. Cut the circle in half for each ear. Oversew these to the top of the head. Work stitches over the tip of the nose in black thread. Sew on the beady eyes (or embroider them on if you wish.


  1. Squeek, how fun are these little meesers!!
    I'm sure little people will enjoy them!

  2. Just followed a tweet by @sewcraftyfox over to your blog and had to say your finger mice are so sweet! Lovely idea and so prettily made.

  3. Must bookmark these and come back to them for Xmas! Adorable!


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