simplest ever advent make...

these little sacks will adorn the branch i've collected tomorrow - i'll show you then, i'm setting it up tonight for the children...

Advent bags: Cut 2 strips 10cm/ 4in x 145cm/ 60½in. I used 2 different types of fabric; felt and cotton for my bags, but anything from your stash will do.
Along the length of one of the strips, on WS, measure and mark spacings measuring 1cm/½in, then 5cm/2in, 1cm/½in, 5cm/2in and so on to the end of the length. This will mark out each individual bag with room in between to cut.
Turn in 1cm/½in to WS along one long edge on both pieces of fabric for the cord ‘channel’. Sew the ‘channel’ in place, 2mm/ 1/8thin up from raw edge.
RS together, join the 2 strips together, sewing along the other long edge allowing for 6mm/ ¼in seam.
Sew along the width at the marked positions from the bottom seam up to the stitching beneath the ‘channel’.
Trim each bag between the 1cm/ ½in spaces. Each bag should measure 5cm/ 2in wide. Turn bags out to RS. Using letter stamps or pen, number each bag 1 to 24.
Trim any loose ends and thread lengths of cord/ lame yarn, (about 30cm/ 12in long), through each channel. Tie the ends of the cord/ yarn to secure the tie. – Fill each one, then find a suitable branch upon which to hang your mini Christmas sacks. Let the countdown begin…

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