knitting with carrots

ah, see even my salt and pepper bunnies - named salt & pepper... - are perhaps not so foolishly fooled by the seemingly carroty hue coloured yarn from my latest knitted project for my next book - carrots, taste; smell and colour were in my head with every stitch i knitted (perhaps i should knit a carrot?) - i'm now onto to a pinkish yarn called sherbet (both from jamiesons of shetland) now which reminds me of raspberry sorbet - sweet thoughts while i knit i think!


so sorry i've neglected this blog for a few days - not a good start to the year, but i have a bit of a deadline to reach at the mo... i'm knitting crazy, (can think of worse things to do!). so here's another baby picture for now!

Happy New Year!

boo! -  a new baby for a new year (patterns will soon be available on Etsy, something else new for me!)

& a big hi to you, i hope you all had a great holiday? It's so good to link up with you again and can i say a huge thank you to everyone who supported my blog and website last year and thank you for your comments - i never used to leave comments on other folks' blogs but now i do as i know how important they are - comments keep blogs alive and i love to read them, they join us together as friends... may i tell you some of my exciting plans? - i will have a free knitting pattern or two each month - these will be my 'gifts to make of the month' the first being a january tea-cosy - i plan to give mine way to family members as birthday presents - also new dot pebbles outfits to make, 'winter white' will be the next one (a vain attempt to tempt the snow back!) i also have in mind a few knitted sculptures to run by you as knitted art works, you may remember me mentioning my love of julie arkell's work and my wish that i too could turn my work into pieces of art - well my first i'm working on right now - is called boxed hare - i'll post it up when it's done, i really would value your opinion... and lastly, but by no means least, back to the start - a baby doll collection complete with clothes - plenty to be getting on with including a new book out in september! please keep visiting, i love your company. x