All about Suri

I felt like I’d just discovered some new yarn when I bought my first skein of this delightful stuff called ‘Suri’ ~ my first was from Koel and it was the colour that drew me in - but when I received it I felt it... Wow, so so soft, and when I unwound and knitted with it ~ DOUBLE WOW! ~ the dreamy softness of cashmere and the lustre of silk!
Wanting more/ to know and learn more I looked it up -
Suri is a type of alpaca and it’s characteristics are this: Suri alpacas appear angular and slender due to their long, lustrous fibers that hang down against their bodies creating a beautiful, lustrous yarn ~ At this point I have to add it is naturally at the more expensive scale as far as yarn price goes but then a little goes a long way - 2 kittens from one skein for example... and if you shop wisely, many Suri yarn sellers pelt their own alpacas 🦙 and dye their own yarn so it’s a friendlier way to get a little luxury into your knit:
Some favourites I’ve found on Etsy ~ with the addition that some sellers will wind the skeins into cakes for you ~ YESSS to that!!!
LoomWool (UK) 
LavenderCupcakes (Canada)
TheCamelsYarn (Cornwall/ UK)
MaisonLoopy (USA)
Zakami (UK)
BanjoRidgeSuriAlpaca (Australia)
LilyandPineFibreArts (Canada) 

These are but a few and I’ve picked them because of the way they display the yarn in their photos - let me know if you or someplace you know sells Suri yarn and I’ll add to my list.