Little feathered friend...

tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet - I have a free pattern for you - it's a version of the one from Knit & Purl Pets because I know that a few copies were bought with part of the pattern missing... so here it is


  1. Love your pattern and am knitting now but I have one question. On round 8 and 9 it says to K48 but the has dec down to 46 then it says to K48 and has dec to 44 I don't understand what to do . Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi - yes someone else also mentioned that - 'K48' shouldn't be there so ignore it on both rounds and continue with the decrease etc. So sorry about the confusion!


    2. Thanks so much for the quick reply ! I thought that would be the answer but wanted to check before i made a mistake . Back to knitting Thanks!


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