A HUGE WELCOME to my blog … and my new website.
This blog was a long time in the making, more a simple case of shall i shan’t i (tied in with the apprehensive uncertainty regarding the 'will anybody look in on me? question!) than having no time – an impulsive decision maker i am not (a bit of a coward too!)… ‘though now i am here i am thrilled to be able to put together my collection of images, ideas, thoughts etc..
I love craft, i love baking, i love gardening, i love the countryside and i love beautiful things - have a browse through the blog list for some very pleasing things indeed

Also, may i quickly mention my new Knitted Babe (see above)? – New to the website, her name is Appley Peach and she will be sharing a little of this blog with me and a new doll to knit later on in the year, there will be a new clothing collection of patterns to make every season - hope you like her! Here's more of her...

...Oh and look, my little purchase - it's a teeny a brooch from Foundlings bought (budget £5.00!!!!) from Hidden Arts Cornwall - aka a recent trip to heaven!

More from that, and more, v. soon...

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