A little more time...

...now i've finally managed to complete my latest project - another book for david & charles. now, I have precious time again to play with thoughts and designs with no agenda... having said that, i will give dear appley peach another outfit for the forth coming season and I'd like to make a few dolls to sell on Etsy especially for christmas - see how they go... plus a freebee pattern - this especially for cyndi who contacted me letting me know that, unbeknownst to me, I had not in fact been live and online for weeks! thanks so much for that cyndi! ... and apologies to anyone trying and failing to reach dot pebbles website.
busy again then - great, i love it!
... so back to the start... re. my latest book, here's the wonderful pile of yarn I had to play and create things with... thanks to the wonderful susan at loop for that... and a small peep...

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