Day twenty-one!

oh christmas tree, how lovely are your branches...

Easy last-minute-makes Christmas tree…
From felt or fabric cut circles as follows: (I simply drew the circles using varying sizes of cotton reels and coins)
1 x 4cm/ 1½in diameter
1 x 2½cm/ 1in diameter
1 x 2cm/ ¾in diameter
1 x 1½cm/ ½in diameter
Radiating around each circle make cuts about 6mm/ 1/4in apart and in length for the larger circle diminishing the distance and the length as the circles get smaller.
Secure a length of sewing thread into a button – the base of the tree. Before you carry on it’s important to make sure the thread is bang in the centre of the button. Sew the thread through the centre of the largest felt/ fabric circle. Next attach a bead and then sew through the centre of the next sized circle. Then another bead and another circle until you end with the smallest circle. Cut a star from felt and pass the needle and thread through the centre. Tie a knot above the star to stop it from sliding up the thread then knot the thread to form a hanging loop. Decorate the tree if or as you wish!
They’d make quite cute earrings actually!

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