last minute makes for children to make...#1

we have a week to go  so why not fill your time... because of course you have lots of it!!!  - er, yes, ok, start again - for children to read only - you have a week to go so why not fill your time with a few simple makes (secret pressies for your family perhaps?!) - first up, simplest dolly peg dollies, my daughter made these for her friends... take a dolly peg and with a fine tipped pen draw on a characterful face, one with attitude...  next cut a 15cm/ 6inch x 2.5cm/ 1inch wide strip of ribbon (or any strip of cloth or even a strip of pretty paper) and the same length of sewing thread or fine yarn. Wind the ribbon around the 'body' of the doll - May found that putting glue from a glue stick onto the body first helped the ribbon to stay in place. wind the thread around the ribbon starting in the middle of the thread, winding both ends around the ribbon dress then tying the ends of the thread together in a knot. Cut lengths of yarn for the hair. rub a blob of glue onto the top of the peg then lay the yarn over the glue and leave to dry. May tied the hair or braided it to suit.

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