dot's pebbles

... meet my new dolls - my jolly little 'pebbles'.
The girly with the dark hair is called Pipi and the blond little lady is called Loli and I've made them using clay (which is not brittle - they will only break when dropped from quite a height onto a stone floor - I've experimented on an arm!) and knitted then felted softest yarn.
They stand about 20cm/ 8 inches tall and have removable clothes - you could make your own for them too if you like. Their arms are jointed - half yarn and half clay as is their legs and the head and neck are also made of clay.
... Ooh I've loved making them so much and will make more before Christmas - these are my first two and I'm offering them to you  - (if you wondered their clothes are included with the dolls) - at a special seasonally Christmassy price of £50.00 each which includes free postage to anywhere... If you'd like one then please email me today or wait until tomorrow where they will be listed onto Etsy.
Let me know what you think of them too -
I love, love hearing from you!
P.S there are more close up pictures here...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! will you be selling the patterns for the clothes?

    1. I plan to make more of these and sell them through craft fairs and online then I will add more clothes patterns for people to make - the clothes that are on the dolls now come with the dolls.

      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. do you ever do craft fayres in derbyshire area, or are they all in cornwall ?? xxx


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