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  1. Dear Claire. This comment is about one if your other patterns I got from as free Ravelry pattern. It is called Christmas bunny. I am having trouble with the section that starts "top of head shaping". I do not understand the first 5 rows under that section. I would assume the S means Slip but I don't understand the P or the K after you turn. Ahhh! Would you please help. The little mouse is to be a gift for my granddaughters and my husband. I would love to hear from you. A friend from the USA.

    1. Hi there - Sl 1 does mean slip the stitch (purl-wise) - this section of the pattern is called 'working short rows' and it adds a slight curve to that part of the knitting - to work the short rows just do exactly as the pattern states - So - k11 and turn - means knit 11 sts then turn the work so that the purl side of the knitting is now facing you, then slip the first stitch from this purl side (wrong side) from the needle in your left hand onto the needle in your right and then purl across just 5 stitches as stated then turn the work again - this time knit side facing - and slip the first stitch from this knit side (right side) from left needle to right and knit the next 4 sts, turn again so that the purl side is facing … etc - hope this helps? Claire x -


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