Sorry about this title...

ERRATA (sorry about that, I uploaded the wrong pattern!) - this is what the pattern should read:

End of short rows for Side A dec) Cast off 7sts, k10, kfb, k1, kfb, k to end -  34sts
...short rows for feet - Side B
Rep as for Side A feet short rows 1 - 7 from * to **
Row 10 dec) Cast off 7sts, k10, k to end - 27sts

Short row 1 K13, W+T
Short row 2 K12, W+T
Short row 3 K11, W+T
Short row 4 K10, W+T
Short row 5 K9, W+T
Short row 6 K8, W+T
Short row 7 K21, W+T
Short row 8 K10, W+T
Short row 9 K9, W+T
Short row 10 K8, W+T
End of short row 11 K to end

Row 11 dec) Skpo, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog - 25sts
Row 12 K
Row 13 dec) Skpo, k10, kfb, k to last 2 sts k2 tog - 24sts 
Rows 14 - 16 Work 3 rows garter stitch

Row 17 inc) Cast on 8 sts, k across - 32sts
Row 18 inc) Cast on 8 sts, k across - 40sts
Rows 19 - 26 Work 8 rows garter stitch
Row 27 dec) Cast off 12 sts, k to end - 28sts
Row 28 dec) Cast off 12 sts, k to end - 16sts

etc. etc...

... but it seemed so right at the time - #freebeefridayknit no.4 - New Delhi Ele Tea Cosy
here in Ravelry and free for 24 hours!


  1. Thank you for the pattern last Friday, and for posting the errata, will you be updating the pdf file on ravelry?

    1. Hi - I've updated but will have to gift it to you because if you had the free version it won't let me automatically sent a new one out - what's your Ravelry avatar? C x

    2. oh that's strange that ravelry doesn't update the pattern if it's free, my rav ID is Tessypoo. THANK YOU!

  2. Comment/ questions left on Raverly.

    1. Hi Ann - I think I've responded - what's you avatar on Ravelry? C x


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