Fluff to spiff up your tree...

Knitted bauble

Set 4 x 7mm dpns
Spare yarn or toy stuffing

Cast on 8 sts. 
Divide over 3 needles – 3 – 2 – 3
Work in the round placing a marker at the beginning to show where rounds begin/ end.
R1 - Kfb all sts. 16sts
R2 - K.
R3 - [K1, kfb]. 24sts
R4 - K.
R5 - [K2, kfb]. 32sts
R6 - K.
R7 - [K3, kfb]. 40sts
R8 - K.
R9 - [K4, kfb]. 48sts*
R10 - R16   K 7 rounds.
R17 - [K1, skpo] to last 2 sts of round, k2 tog.
R18 - K.
Rep last 2 rounds until there are 16 sts remaining.
Stuff to make the bauble as good and as round a ball shape as you can get.
Cut yarn to 20cm, thread end through the remaining sts – twice pull up to close the hole  - this is the top of the bauble.
Join a length of twine or ribbon to the top of the bauble to make a hanging loop.

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