December -

That's a magic word... must be, because say it and it conjures up and evokes so many glittery and shiny feelings and thoughts of wondrous things.
For this magical month's #freebeefridayknits I've chosen to knit a barn owl - I've seen a few flying around here (my home in Cornwall) and even once saw one perched on a fence right outside my kitchen window, that was truly special.
... I love all owls but this little character is my personal favourite... and what characters they are - I hope I've captured something of it in my homage to... the pattern link is here - Ravelry/dotpebbles
She/ he is knitted all at once - joining on and picking up stitches as you go... I've added a detailed and photographic 'how to make up' section and you could always email me if you get stuck!



  1. Wow, your owl is lovely. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I love owls and have a Great Horned Owl living nearby. It's always delightful to hear it calling in the late evening.

  2. Hello - I'm a new subscriber to your blog, which I found because I saw the owl. I've never been to Cornwall but I would just love to go - it sounds so magical there.

    This is just the best knitted barn owl I've ever seen. Thank you for the free pattern!! I was wondering if one skein each of the yarn you used (off-white, wheat and goldenrod) is enough? And, did you knit the face from "off-white" or "white"? It looks so very white, but perhaps that's because it isn't mixed with wheat?

  3. Hi Rhonda - and welcome along!
    In answer to your questions - One ball of each is more than enough - it was shade 1101 - it looks slightly off-white when knitting it but then the off white is really creamy... I'll amend the pattern ... thank you!


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