for the weekend: nature nest and bird make

have you any plans for the weekend? well hows about a spot of nesting and nature gathering? - this was something we did last weekend and I wanted to share it with you.  a while ago i had knitted some birds for patterns for my pets book and thought a nest would be a lovely thing for the children to make for the little birds. so if you too like the idea, weather permitting i guess! here is a free pdf pattern for you to knit a bird or two and make the simple card frame for a nest building experience!
p.s. image of the week will now be on mondays as i thought it would be fun to have a weekend idea every week - i'd like to hear your ideas too, if possible, and maybe i could link some in to this blog?
hope you have a good one...


  1. oh, i love it! (and your blog- so pretty!)

  2. I love your little bird in a nest but I can't get the pdf to appear. We'd love to do this as an autumn project

    Kate x

  3. Hi Kate - thanks for your comment... I've emailed you the pdf - was there nothing at all when you clicked on the link?


  4. this is such a sweetie pie blog <3

  5. Hello - I just found your blog and I love your knitted bird. I have your knitted babes book and loved that too. I couldn't download the pdf for the bird - are you able to email it to me?

  6. Yes of course - could you email me so I have your address - your blogger profile I am unable to open.
    Thanks for your kind comments?
    Claire x

  7. I think my comment disappeared. Would it be possible to receive a copy of the pattern for this adorable bird? I think it would make a great ornament perched on the Christmas tree!

    Thank you


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