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i am constantly browsing books, other blogs and websites and really revel being inspired by wonderfully glowing and evocative images and art, so every friday i'm going to post my personal favourite pictures from the week - be it from a book, magazine, blog - whatever has inspired me, i hope you too enjoy them. here's the first week's selection
i've been in an autumnal mood all week, also a kind of harvest mood, i guess - the weather has been quite sublime for this time of year allowing wonderful light to touch the changing hues of the leaves and lighting the strings of redder than red and indian pink berries like mini fairy lights, also it was the childrens' harvest festival on wednesday, anually held inside our ancient church... (that in itself was an inspiration). so that said, this weeks images, for me, are reflective of nature, autumn and colour. firstly, an atmospheric photograph of autumn cooking ingredients from one of my all time favourite cookery books delicious home cooking by caroline conranbeing a creature of habit, i take this book from the shelf around this time every year and plan my future weeks cooking from it - it's just so homely, warm and comforting, for example the recipe that precedes the photo is mrs. beeton's apple snow - quite! the next image is taken from a favourite page from toast's latest catalogue - the garments and the photos within the catalogue always evoke homliness and warmth both in their colours and content. and finally, a striking painting by my friend alice mumford, i went to her private view last night - still reeling with delight. this particular painting entitled saffron cloth and hawthorn... say no more except have a lovely weekend!

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