party pig

a little pink knitted pig pal for a friend's 60th (don't believe you bill!) birthday - a pig keeper to boot


  1. He is beautiful. I love your knitted creations. I was particulary fond of your fruit and the sugar mice finger puppets.

  2. Hi Stephanie - thanks for your kind comment!

  3. Hi Claire,
    just bought your book knit and purl pets- looks absolutely lovely. I am an experienced knitter but there is something I don't understand:page 12- bird pattern- Row 9: Kfb, k4, M1, k4 etc- what is the M1? Is not in abbrevations- sorry, might be something simple but English is not my first language. Looking forward to starting,

  4. Hi Trudy - M1 or 'make one' - here goes...
    M1 – (make one stitch) an increase stitch, used primarily a within a row. Knit to where the increase is to occur, in a pattern this will read as k5, m1- for example, so knit 5 sts, slip the right-hand needle front to back, under the horizontal bar that lies before the next stitch, slip left-hand needle through, from front to back, the picked up bar and allow the stitch to remain on the left-hand needle then, with the right-hand needle, knit into the back of the newly made loop to complete the new stitch. Carry on knitting along the row or round unless otherwise stated.

    Cheers Trudy...


  5. Hi Claire, love the Pig, as usual too are so clever!
    Dona K.

  6. Hi there Dona - good to hear from you. x


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