Windy and wonderful

man it's windy today! with a bounty of quince windfalls as a consequence- i'm thinking quince brandy this year as the quince jelly of last year, after all it's tediously disagreeable process off drip drip jelly bag and all that straining, turned out to be a little bit of a disappointment - by that i mean inedible and rather too stickily set, stuck fast in the jar actually! - it looked prettily glowing and gleaming on the window sill though, if i remember rightly, in fact i'll get it out from the back of the cupboard and place it back onto the window sill to make me feel virtuous again - (who'll know?)... a good weekend though, especially saturday's post - i received my order from faded plains, a vintage glass lamp base, so, so beautifully packaged, which i have to share with you, and two fat quarters from m is for make which i was equally overjoyed with, again packaged so specially i felt they were special presents just for me 'ah!'- thanks guys, made my day x !

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