... don't fly away

 - it's one of those strange conundrums in life and a little paradoxical - you nurture, care and - to be analogical - give them wings. You want them to grow, be successful - leave home/ fly the nest but stay with you forever... there is no answer, you've just got to/ I've just got to go with it I guess...
Here's a link to this free 'flying away' pattern - but with a difference - for the wings I used Tyvek - a plant/ fibre based 'paper' although not a paper - but a fabric - it cuts like paper but you can wash it and try as you might - will NOT rip - anyhow - perfect for these little wings...
And the yarn - I used Scheepjes Bonbon crochet cotton on 2.25mm needles which I bought from Loop - I love them - (the yarn, the birds and my children)


  1. letting them go and watching them fly the nest is hard x

    1. - it is - have you been through that too? xx


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