A little free Midsummer magic...

Now - who doesn't believe in unicorns?
The most elegant and dreamy of magical creatures - and apparently - only the pure of heart will ever see one!
- Are you seeing this?
- If you are it's free for today only here
- If you've missed it then don't miss the next one - I have a free pattern every first Friday of the month under the hashtag #freebeefridayknits which I post on Ravelry - here's the link to my newsletter - email me a free pattern every month


  1. Hi Claire I have got to page 4 and it is the same instructions as page 5? The back end of the body instructions after shape haunches doesn't seem to finish properly as there is no cast off. Can you check and let me know? Enjoying the pattern so far thanks x

    1. Hi - Yes, I'm sorry about that - there's an errata on Ravelry or if you wish I can send you the corrected version - if so what's your email? Claire x

    2. Found it! Thank you x


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