Last minute Easter make - 'egg nest' & 'egg vase'

i love delicately coloured hedgerow and tiny rockery flowers which are so abundant at this time of year, and thanks to the warm weather we have been having i adore the scent of them, in particular the hedgerow ones because they remind me so of my childhood bike rides up and down country lanes, as it lingers on the air.  to display a tiny posy of them for a little easter display wash out an egg shell - one after having a soft boiled egg is good because only the very top has been taken off, paint the egg with white emulsion, gouache, poster or acrylic paint, leave dry them decorate - children love to do this - with simple leaves and flowers.
If you just wanted to display them as a vase, place a few stones in the bottom to weight them and to stop them toppling over then add water and flowers. for the knitted egg nest in which to hang your teeny posy here is the simple pattern:

Egg nest
Yarn shown – King Cole Bamboo Cotton
Cast on 3 sts using any 4-ply (fingering) or sportweight yarn and size 2.5mm (US size 0) needles.
1st rnd K3.
Work as i-cord; slide sts to other end of needle without turning, keeping gauge tight, pull working yarn across the back of the i-cord.
Rnd 2 (inc) [Kfb] 3 times. 6sts
Rnd 3 K6 - knitting each set of 2 sts over 3 needles. RS facing, join in rnd.
Rnd 4 (inc) [Kfb] 6 times. 12sts
Rnd 5 K12.
Rnd 6 (inc) [K1, Kfb] 6 times. 18sts
Rnd 7 K18.
Rnd 8 (inc) [K2, kfb] 6 times. 24sts
Rnd 9 K24.
Rnd 10 (inc) [K3, kfb] 6 times. 30sts
Rnd 11 K30.
Rnd 12 (inc) [K4, kfb] 6 times. 36sts
Rnd 13 K36.
Rnd 14 (inc) [K5, kfb] 6 times. 42sts
Rnd 15 K42.
Rep last rnd twice.
Rnd 18 [K2tog, yf) 21 times.
Rnd 19 K1, bind off 11sts, [k1, bind off 12sts] twice, k1.
Hanging ties
With 1st set of 2 sts at the ‘corner’ of the nest work i-cord until cord measures approx. 15cm/6in. Cast off 2sts. Weave in end.
Rejoin yarn to another pair sts at another ‘corner’ and work i-cord to match length of other tie.
Repeat process with rem 2 sts so that you have 3 ties.
Either knot the ties at the end to link them tog, or pass a knitted stitch from each tie over an existing cup hook.


  1. what a beautiful idea, I had been wondering about flowers for tomorrow now I know just what to do :o) x

  2. Really sweet, love the idea and pretty pictures. happy Easter to you and your family Claire. ~ Dona


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