Potting and pottering

and what a weekend again for doing such, and nothing much else besides. my daughter may (pictured) and i made the paper pots using the amazing paper potter - such fun, they look especially nice and pretty made from the boden  newpaper don't you think? i'll keep you posted as my seeds grow.
definitely one of my choiciest weekends so far this year! did you have a good time? hope so.


  1. what a lovely way to spend the weekend, love the pots they're such a good idea. we were on the beach until the wind got a little too cold! but there was a little bit of kayaking
    Kate x

  2. - I vowed this year to get into the sea more/ a bit of kayaking also - need a wet suit though, something else I haven't got round to yet!

    Claire x

  3. Claire, your daughter is so adorable. Love her hat! Gardening with kids is so much fun. ~ Dona

  4. Thank you Dona - I'll pass your kind comment on to May - it will make her day!


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